Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Battling Fun with Nerf Rival!

Growing up my brother had Nerf guns.  They gave us hours of endless play!  Hiding behind furniture, putting each other's eyes out, giggles and so much laughter could be heard.  As Allyson and Cooper are to this age of constant play/fight, its time to break out the Nerf guns for them and watch the fun happen!  

No one wants to be part of the New Order but the new Nerf Rival gun would entice anyone!  This thing is awesome!  The Apollo XV-700 and Face Mask are great additions to any gun fight!  It comes with ultimate accuracy 7x high-impact rounds.  Accuracy is on point too!  However, you want to make sure you aren't too close to your target.  These rounds come barreling out of the gun at 30MPS.  That could leave a bruise, for sure!  

The happiness that will come time after time from this box will be amazing!  Or at least, I'm expecting.  Also, I have a hunch that my husband will be having fun with the kids and this gun! 

Pick up the new Star Wars Nerf Rival gun at your local retailer but more importantly, check Game Stop!  They have great gifts for this time of year!

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