Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A New Comfy Sleep with the Sleep Zzz Pillow!

A special Thank You to Twin Z Company INC for sponsoring this morning's comfy conversation!

A child sleeping through the night is every parent's dream.  When Allyson was smaller, she would be in and out of my bedroom multiple times a night.  Sometimes I'd wake up in the morning and she would be in a ball on the floor of our bedroom.   Eventually she grew out of it and loves her own room with her own bed, but if we had the Sleep Zzz Pillow years ago, I think we could have had more nights with less interruptions!

Comfy, comfy, comfy!!!  The Sleep Zzz Pillow is amazingly comfy!  So soft and the perfect size for any child to cozy up and relax!  What's even better is all of the print options.  Prints for girls, boys, adults, everyone!

Allyson is a big fan of the Sleep Zzz Pillow.   She likes to lay in her bed with it, while watching Harry Potter.  That is hours of comfy TV watching.  She doesn't have a bed full of stuffed animals anymore either.  This pillow has taken their place!  A little security while being comfy.  That's the best a parent can want for their child. 

Grab the Sleep Zzz Pillow online!  They even make one for adults!  No need to be jealous of your child's sound sleep.  You can enjoy sleeping again too. 

How many pillows do you use when you sleep?  Maybe you need the Sleep Zzz Pillow.

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