Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Paw Patrol: Meet Everest on DVD

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Let me paint you a little picture:  

Cooper, sitting quietly in the morning after a fun hour of playing with cars and building blocks.  He is watching Nickelodeon while I am trying to get some work at my desk. Again, all is quiet until I hear,

"Mom!!!!!!! MOM!!!!!  Paw Patrol has a new movie!  I want to watch Everest! MOM!!!!  Turn on Paw Patrol Everest!!!

With the release of Paw Patrol: Meet Everest! I have seen these episodes a few times.  The disk has been played so many times the thought that the disk might wear out crossed my mind.  That doesn't happen with DVDs, right?  My mom used to tell me that with my favorite song on cassette tape.  Anyway, you get my point!  Big Fans Here!

If you prefer to know what you're getting into before purchasing this awesome DVD for your Little, check out the list of episodes below.  Cooper's favorite is Pups and the Big Freeze.  He likes to watch them rescue on the ice and snow. 

PAW Patrol: Meet Everest! includes the following episodes:
  • The New Pup- The PAW Patrol rolls out in their new PAW Patroller to save Jake when he gets stranded in the ice fields, but a new pup also pops up to lend a paw--the brave ranger, Everest!
  • Pups and the Big Freeze- When a winter ice storm causes trouble all over Adventure Bay, Mayor Goodway's car hits an icy patch and gets stuck in the snow.  Then, a train engineer can't break on the icy tracks as it heads for a huge snow drift on the crossing. It's up to Ryder, Rubble, and Everest to clear out all the snow and ice!
  • Pups Save the Deer- When a family of deer gets separated on slippery ice and a snowy hill, it's up to Zuma and Everest to lead an icy rescue to reunite them!
  • Pups Make A Splash- When Cap'n Turbot's boat runs aground, Ryder, Zuma, Skye, and Rocky must team up to save it before it sinks!
  • Pups Save A School Day- Alex loses his back pack on the first day of school! Ryder and the Paw Patrol need to help him find it before the school bus comes.
  • Pups and the Trouble with Turtles- Tons of Baby Turtles start to pop up all over town and it's up to Ryder and the Pups to corral them all and get them back to their pond.
  • Pups Save A Flying Frog- Marshall's new pet frog, Smiley, is going to be in a jumping contest! The only problem is that during a practice run Smiley jumps right into Skye's helicopter and it takes off! Now Skye and the Pups have to save Smiley, and get him to the competition in time!
Paw Patrol: Meet Everest! is available in most stores for purchase on September 2nd.  I am lucky enough to offer you a giveaway to win you own copy!

The Giveaway:
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Prize: Paw Patrol: Meet Everest! on DVD 
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