Friday, September 11, 2015

On this Day... We Remember.

A few years have passed since the tragic day.  I don't usually talk about major events or politics that are happening in our world.  I like to keep it light.   However I think this morning, it might be time to share my experiences with you.   I didn't lose a parent/friend/coworker when the Twin Towers fell but I do have a memory of that day.

On September 11, 2001, It was just another day.  My best friend Amanda picked me up from my house to head into the mall.  We didn't have a first period class, so we were headed in to check her work schedule.   We walked into the mall and were not so sure why all of the mall walkers were gathered around the television.   Of course 2 girls, Seniors in High School...  We went about our business.  We checked her schedule and picked up the most delicious cinnamon rolls offered in Manhattan, Kansas.  Extra frosting, please!  Moving forward after the cinnamon rolls, the people were still gathered around the TV.  Now, who were we to ask questions?  So, you guessed it.   Amanda and I got back in her car and made the drive to our high school. 

Walking into the school, it was like a ghost town.  You're probably wondering at this point, "Didn't you hear it on the radio?"  No.. We didn't have the tuner on.  Back then I'm pretty sure we were listening to N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees... Boy bands were the center of all things musical.  Back to the school, the halls were empty but we found most of the students gathered in the library.  The televisions were on and people's faces were ashen.  I remember feeling sick instantly.  The tears came and I felt sick.  No wonder those people were gathered around the TV at the Mall.  No wonder they were crying and silent.  No wonder. 

The rest of that day was a blur.  We didn't leave early.  We didn't speak.  We just went through the motions of a day that will forever be remembered.  

Fast forward to being an adult.  Fourteen years have passed and I have 2 children to protect.  I've known a few soldiers to go overseas and fight for our freedom and country.   Sadly they were injured and returned home decorated.  

My family and I were fortunate enough to live within driving distance of NYC for a short time.  Seeing the finished One World Trade Center was a very emotional experience.  I kept back most of my tears but what I wanted to do was lay on the ground and sob.  I had tears for the lives lost and the hearts hurt.  Such devastation.  

Explaining what happened so long ago to my children will be a hard feat.  It is in our history books but there is much more to be known.  We will Never Forget. 

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