Monday, December 11, 2017

Zoomer Show Pony

Allyson has been asking for a pony longer than I can remember.  Thinking real hard, she may have been 3 when she first started talking about ponies.  Of course we have always lived in a city or similar, so no pony.  Thank goodness this year, Spin Master and Zoomer have helped me get my sweet girl a pony!

Zoomer Show Pony is the perfect gift for any girl or boy who has wanted a pony.  It is interactive too!  It prances, parades and plays.  The Show Pony comes with a brush to groom, a carrot to train, a sugar cube for a treat and an apple to eat.

Hours of play for your girl or boy will bring smiles and giggles.  I don't see a way for you to go wrong with any of the Zoomer options.  It's a great toy.  Built well and runs off just 2 AA batteries.  Oh my! Don't forget the batteries!  

The Zoomer pet comes in more than a Show Pony.  Cats, dogs, dinos, etc... You can find just about any pet you are looking for in this line.  There is even a hedgehog!   Spin Master Zoomers can be purchased at your local retailer or online through Amazon. 

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