Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pokemon Center at GameStop!

A special Thank You! to GameStop for sponsoring today's conversation on Pokemon! 

Pokemon has been everywhere recently!  I remember when I was younger, probably 13 years ago my cousin was deep in the Pokemon world.  I didn't quite understand it so of course I just did my own thing.  Then Pokemon Go came out and the world fell in love with Pikachu all over again.

I have great news for you Pokemon Lovers!  Pokemon Center just arrived at GameStop and ThinkGeek stores!  They're offering a huge variety of Pokemon plush dolls, figures, home goods, accessories, pins and trading cards.  You can't go wrong there!  Plus to make it easier, each store will have its own Pokemon Center section.  It'll be a quick stop in with a short search for what you're looking for!  I love this as a busy mom.

The products you'll find at GameStop and ThinkGeek are exclusive to these stores at this time.  They're the first to carry them in the country, so save your time and go straight to GameStop for your Pokemon needs!  All of the Pokemon Center products are crafted in Japan to give you the most authentic Pokemon gear at your finger tips!  As you would expect from Pokemon, the Center's products are made to the highest standards and feature a wide range of Pokemon to allow you to express yourself.  Stop in for some new trading cards now!

Which products will you pick up from your local Pokemon Center for your Pokemon Lover? 

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