Monday, December 18, 2017

Zebra Pens are Perfect for the Holidays!

A special Thank You to Zebra for sponsoring today's conversation!

Using the correct pen, pencil or marker can make or break the quality of the written word.  I have found an amazing pen and I need you all to know about it!  Zebra Pens come in many different styles, colors and sizes! 

Every year I usually use ball point pens to write on gift tags.  Sometimes they don't work and other times they do but this year I am switching it up a bit and using this amazing line of pens by Zebra!  The Sarasa line...  My new favorite!  You can see below the style that is my favorite.  They write so smooth and take a second for the ink to dry.  No big deal there though!  

My husband asked for a specific pen set this year.  Lucky for him, I got what he wanted from Zebra and they're going to be amazing!

Do you have a favorite type of pen?

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