Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sneaking in the Good Stuff with Kidfresh!

Original review completed by: Sweet Cheeks Adventures

Disclosure:  I received one or more products in this post in exchange of an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

My Littles have started to become quite the picky bunch.  When Allyson was a baby, she'd eat anything if Mommy was eating it.  Broccoli was a normal green on her plate.  Now that she has become her own little person, she sticks her nose up at the likes of broccoli, cauliflower and even tomatoes.  Oh the shame!  You can imagine with the problem I am facing here, how excited I was when Kidfresh contacted me to share their products with you guys.  Sneaky Sneaky!

I started off with the Super Duper Chicken Nuggets.  I knew these would be my good taste testing product as anything that is called a chicken nugget would be consumed by my children.  Of course they loved them!  Cooper asked for the "green chicken nuggets" for 4 days straight for lunch.  Lucky him I picked up a few boxes in hopes that he would love them! 

Next up, Cooper enjoyed every last bite of the Easy Cheesy Ravioli!  I was a little worried about a big saucy mess when he was enjoying his lunch but I was pleasantly surprised when there wasn't an over abundance of sauce and all natural products in my son's meal! 

Allyson's favorite is the Mamma Mia Cheesy Pizza!  She used to be a fan of sausage pizza but apparently when you turn six, you no longer like meat on your pizza.  Kidfresh came through for me here!  I was able to throw one of these into the microwave on a Friday night when the rest of the family had sausage pizza on their plates.  Ally was happy with the alternative and I was happy that at least of the kids was getting something better for them than the normal pizza from the local pizza joint.  

The family vote is in!  I am a big fan of Kidfresh! My children are big fans of Kidfresh!  I will serve "green chicken nuggets" any day!  Head to your local grocer's freezer aisle and pick out your favorites! 

Wait, There's a Giveaway!

Just when you thought I was going to only share our opinions, a chance for a giveaway!  Simply look below for details and the giveaway tool.  Good Luck!!

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  1. Easy Cheesy Ravioli!!!

  2. My picky eater would like the chicken nuggets.

  3. I am most interested in the muy cheesy quesadillas.

  4. spaghetti loops with meat sauce

  5. The chicken nuggets for sure, they are already my daughters favorite!

    Samantha (samdaleo)

  6. I'd like to eat Super Duper Chicken Nuggets.

  7. I would like to try the ravioli.

  8. I think my son will enjoy the Mamma Mia Cheesy Pizza. He already likes the cheesy quesadillas.

  9. I'd share the Mamma Mia Cheesy Pizza!

  10. the super duper chicken nuggets would be gone very quickly in our house