Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wow Summit 2014 -- Such a Fabulous Experience!

I was recently given the opportunity to go an event called WOW Summit.  This even is hosted by Mom's Meet.  Mom's Meet is an online community that connects Moms with eco-friendly brands.  Then allows them to gather with their Moms in their local communities to spread the word about great products!  While this sounds like a huge and very fun thing to participate in, it is just a small part of what Mom's Meet is about!  I urge you to take a look for yourself and join us!

Now that you've looked at what Mom's Meet is about, let me tell you about the great time I had at WOW Summit 2014.  First lets discuss the name.  WOW is MOM upside down.  How rockin' is that?!  That alone makes me feel like a wonderful mom!  We do it all, right?  Sometimes we need to be reminded that, WOW!  We are doing a great job, even if it is the best that we can.

I had such a wonderful time!  While I was a little nervous about leaving the husband and kids at home, once I got into Orlando and settled in the most beautiful hotel Caribe Royale, I let my worries fall away!  I was there to learn, recharge and become a better Woman and Mother!

Recharge is exactly what I did.  I met some great people.  Not everyone at the Summit was a blogger.  Some were just Moms looking for a way to make themselves a little better.  They were there, just like I was, searching for the missing piece.   While I was at this event by myself, I was lucky enough to connect with a fellow blogger that I have never met before, on the first day.  Sharon said "Hello" and we stuck together the whole weekend!

Along with Sharon, I was able to meet a few ladies that live in my same city!  This is huge for me as I am new to the area and was starting to feel a little alone.  I'm not alone any longer!

Beyond making friendships that have lasted, I learned about some great brands and reconnected with a few brands you've seen reviews from before on this site!  Brands like Zevia, EnviroKidz, Suja, Canyon Bakehouse, National Geographic Kids, Smart Flour Foods, Applegate, and Maty's Healthy Products just to name a few!  So many great people and brands to talk with.

While the Summit had so many great brands to learn about, there were featured speakers as well.  I learned a few new things about being Gluten Free, tips to change a few things that I'm feeling my family, and ultimately was reminded to pay attention to life before it passes me by.  I even jumped out of my box a little and shared a small piece of me with one of the speakers, Suzy Stauffer.  If you know me personally, you know I don't share my personal struggles with too many people, too often.  Suzy spoke about her business, Beyond the Bust Stop and shared her struggles.  There were so many times I needed a tissue while listening to her because it was like she was saying aloud how I feel at times.  At the end of her presentation, she gave out a book.  A book that I have no doubt I will pick up from time to time and learn all over again how to appreciate myself as a Woman and Mother.

Alongside Suzy Stauffer, the other speakers were Robyn O'Brien, Aviva Goldfarb, Traci Paige Johnson, Heather White, and Dr. Susan Bartell.   Each lady had their own topic to help the audience recharge and learn more beyond wiping behinds.  We talked about great new recipes, steps to live healthier and happier lives, and of course it was a pleasure to hear the voice of Blue's Clues!  

If you have a chance to attend WOW Summit in the new few years, I urge you to jump on it!  It's a great way to meet new friends, learn more about brands and ways to live a healthier life, and recharge as a Woman and Mother!

If you aren't a part of Mom's Meet, search no further.  Press those fingers down and join in on the fun today!  You never know what products you might discover that you just can't live without.


  1. Come get me next time, looks so fun!!!

  2. I also went to this conference and had a blast. The products there were amazing!

  3. I so wish I could have been there! It looks like a blast! I love Mom's Meet! The are always so much fun!

  4. I need to finally "just do it" and take charge this year!

  5. Wow! That place looks super relaxing! I bet you had a ton of fun!