Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Ugly Part of Life

Sometimes in life, people think it will not get better.  They think, let me just get rid of all of the hurt.  There are times these people ask for help and times when they don't.  As I am a pretty happy person, I cannot relate to these ways of thinking, but I can tell you that they hurt me.

Until last night I felt like taking your own life is a very selfish thing to do.  Think about it...  You're leaving behind so many people that love you.  You may not see these people every day, but you have family, friends, co workers, animals, the mailman.  All of these people will miss you, so why take your own life?  Why not make it better and ask for help?  Why not seek council and stay for your loved ones?

Then someone close to me made a decision that will forever rock my world.  I lost someone that didn't reach to her loved ones for help outside of one single Facebook message.  I have not seen this person since June 10, 2007, but I have talked to her many times and most recently received mail from her 2 days ago.  I'm kicking myself because I made a mental note to send her a "Thank You" text.  Maybe if I had no forgotten to send that text she would still be with us.  Maybe my "Thank You, I appreciate you" could have been enough to encourage her to ask for help.

I urge you, PLEASE.  If you are in a dark place, PLEASE just ask for help.  It is not worth it.  Your family needs you, so don't end it all.  Just ask for help.

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