Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Learn Who You Are with the You Are What You Like Facebook App

Today's post is brought to you by Cubeyou as part of a Sverve Campaign.  All opinions are my own. 

Do you pay attention to the pages you "like" on Facebook?  Ever wonder what your "likes" say about your personality?  Cubeyou has come up with an app that can help you uncover your personality based on the pages you "like."  Let me introduce you to You Are What You Like

A little info about the app:  This personality profile is estimated by Cambridge University, a trustworthy scientific, world wide known institution. Many people try the app just out of curiosity or for fun. This app provides a free, easy to use, scientific personality test.

I am amazed by this app!  I make sure I choose what I let people see on Facebook.  I feel as though one should put their best face forward and that includes all moments on Facebook.  These beliefs are very evident in the results of my personality check!

This app will also show you which friends you are like and which you are opposites!!  I am not able to share that photo with you as it shoes people who do not want to be showcased on this site.  Below the comparison to your friends, you'll see a few more great notes about yourself:

I am not well organized, but outgoing, active, competitive, and VERY emotional/stressed at times!  However this app works, I am amazed!  Now its your turn!  Head on over to You Are What You Like and find out just who you are! 

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