Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Perfect Doll for your Little! -- Moxie Girlz Review

Disclosure:  I received one or more products in this post in exchange of an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

These days there are so many dolls on the market that our girls want to play with.  They're looking at these dolls and sometimes thinking they need to be just like the doll.  Some are "perfect" while some are "scary" looking.  I think Moxie dolls are beautiful for the way they look as well as what they stand for!

The Moxie Girlz™ are living in a fun, fantasy world, along with their very own whimsical pets. Join them on an imaginative adventure complete with magic poop, so cute! Lexa™ has a pet elephant who poops peanuts! Bonus! Doll can really sit and stand on her own, no doll stand required!

I'd like to introduce you to Lexa. She is one of the girls in the Poopsy Pets line.    Also, let's not forget her pet elephant!  

It seems all of the toys are coming with a pet that needs to use the rest room.  As this is a natural occurrence, I say; Why not?  Ally loves animals, so she enjoyed cleaning up after her doll's animals as well.  Lucky for her, Lexa's elephant doesn't stink!

How cute is this elephant!!  I just love it!  If you are looking for another Moxie Girlz doll with a pet, you can also choose from Kellan with her tiger or Avery with her panda bear.  They're all so cute and stand for something we all need to be teaching our children.  

Lexa's clothes are removable as well as her cute blue boots! You can restyle her hair if needed.  It's so long and pretty!  Lexa's pet elephant comes with a leash and 6 peanuts.  Make sure your child knows to keep these with the elephant.  They're so easy to lose or can become a choking problem for a young child.  

I love this doll for your Little this Holiday Season!  Such a great message, such a cute doll and again, look at that elephant!  When you're a Moxie Girl, You are to be true and be you!  

This review is based strictly on my own opinion.  Others may have different opinions or experiences with the products mentioned above.  I was provided samples free of charge by the company or a PR Agency.  I have provided my open and honest opinions.  No other type of compensation was received for this review.

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