Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dressing up my Nails -- Jamberry Review

Disclosure:  I received one or more products in this post in exchange of an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

As a woman, I like to feel pretty.  Keeping my nails decorated is a perfect way to make me feel just a little better.  I've tried just about every way to get my nails to have a little color.  Most recently though I tried Jamberry!  For this review I worked with Brittani Fell, Independant Jamberry Consultant.

The story of Jamberry Nails begins with three sisters who possess distinct personal tastes, but share a love for style. After an expensive afternoon together at the nail salon, Lyndsey, Christy and Keri vowed to find a simpler, more cost effective way to keep their hands looking polished, while still spending time together. 

After lots of trial and error, the proprietary nail wraps of Jamberry Nails launched in late 2010. The DIY, at-home application and incredible variety of designs caught on quickly and sales soared. A new era of nail art was born. 

Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! Gone are the days of the single colored manicure. Gone are the mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash too! Jamberry nail wraps arm you with style and confidence while demanding very little of your time or money.

What you see here is the finished product of me learning how to apply these wraps and giving it a go.  I'll be the first to tell you how obsessed with my finger nails being perfect.  If I have a chip in my polish, it must come off.  If I have gel nails on and they start to lift, all of the color must come off.  I felt the same with these wraps.  

I thought it very handy to have the application kit.  Everything you'll need (minus the heat) can be found in this kit.  For a heating source needed to make the wraps plyable, they recommend a mini-heater or blow dryer.  I found with a blow dryer, you just need a few seconds to heat up the wrap and form it to your nail. 

While applying I learned it is very important that you apply the pressure and heat once the wrap is on your nail.  While Ally wouldn't let me leave the heat blowing on her fingers very long, her wraps did not stay on very long.  After 3 days, she came home from school missing a few wraps on her nails.  Of course she asked if we could apply another round. She was very happy with our end product!

I was able to try out the Mommy & Me line for Ally!  She was so excited!  Plus the colors are so cute!  The wraps we chose came with 2 different colors, so she could alternate and add style to her already stylish self!  

 The Teal Mini Polka wraps ended up on my nails.  There are so many awesome wraps to choose from, but these worked the best for me the day I was choosing!  As you see the wraps are pretty long.  I was able to get both hands done from one wrap.  To trim the wrap once its on your nail, they recommend trimming the top with scissors and filing off the remaining wrap in a downward motion.  

Application is fairly easy as long as your cuticles are trimmed and they aren't misshapen.  While my nails are a bit square, I did have to spend a little time shaping the wrap around my cuticle.  

As I mentioned before my nails have to be perfect or they all have to go.  The wraps lasted 9 days for me.  I'd say this is a big win!  When I asked my consultant Brittani Fell how long they should last, she said, "Many women I know keeps theirs on 3 weeks." While you are doing the math in your head and thinking I didn't get near the time out of them that I should have, I am happy with this.  

Looking for a little bit of Jamberry fun for yourself?  Contact Brittani Fell!  She has been a pleasure to work with.  Picking out our styles was not rushed but delivery was!  So fast and so friendly!  

This review is based strictly on my own opinion.  Others may have different opinions or experiences with the products mentioned above.  I was provided samples free of charge by the company or a PR Agency.  I have provided my open and honest opinions.  No other type of compensation was received for this review.

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