Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nature Scavenger Hunt

As a family, we really enjoy spending time outside.  This may be time sitting in the run while reading a book, playing in the sprinkler, going for a run, and most recently doing a Nature Scavenger Hunt!

A Nature Scavenger Hunt was something I've always wanted to do with my children.  Even when Allyson was a very small Little, I had visions of taking her along a trail and pointing out there awesome things to see and find!  I waited patiently for her little hands and feet to get bigger, so she could carry herself and mark off the list by herself.  It was so worth the wait when I got to see the excitement on her face when she was finding  one thing after another!

Making the list was super easy.  I included some fun things from my own trips out into nature and a few harder ones that I would be super excited if she managed to find them.  
  • Spider Web
  • Pink Flower
  • Frog
  • Bee
  • Yellow Flower
  • Lady Bug
  • Circular Shaped Rock
  • Butterfly
  • Something Beautiful
  • Snail
  • Stick in a "Y" shape
  • Something Smooth
  • Man-made Litter
The list went on with about 10 more items, but you get my point!  At first when Ally found out Spider Web was on the list, she was a little scared.  Getting her out into nature to see all of the different webs, flowers, bugs, etc was all it took to get her looking deep down and finding all the beauty that is around us.  

Next time you are sitting around, wondering what to do with a beautiful Spring day, make a quick Nature Scavenger Hunt for you and your Little to enjoy!  It'll be great to get out and moving, and think of the memories!

Standing with her "Something Beautiful"

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