Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Super Hero Monkey for Father's Day! -- Build-A-Bear Cheerful Monkey Review

With just about every holiday, you can find such great gifts to share with your loved ones.  I know a favorite place to hit up is Build-A-Bear Workshop!  We have done bears just because, but most recently we shared with you about Ally's new pet Lion from Valentine's Day!

Usually I give the children stuffed animals but for this Father's Day we will be giving Dad a special little friend!  This year he will meet a Cheerful Monkey that will for sure warm my husband's heart.  You learned in my previous post that I have given him a friend from Build a Bear before, but I know he is going to love this one!

Our monkey has been named Super Monkey.  He came with a Super Hero shirt/cape, jean shorts and cute shoes!  Also, don't forget the birth certificate!

I think the Super Hero cape fits us perfectly.  My husband is the Super Hero of this family!  He spends all day outside the home, working hard so I can be at home with the children.  For him to work so hard and get our family where we are.. I am the blessed one.  He deserves to be reminded by this Cheerful Monkey that he is our Super Hero!

Disclosure: A special thank you to Build-A-Bear Workshop for giving Sweet Cheeks and Savings this opportunity to work with them. We received these items free of charge from Build-A-Bear Workshop. No monetary compensation was received or offered, nor were we under any obligation to write about this product. All opinions expressed are honest thoughts.  We were not offering any sales or taking orders for this item.  We will not receive any compensation in connection with any sales of this item.

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  1. That little monkey is the cutest little guy ever! I want one! And what a great gift for fathers day!