Friday, May 2, 2014

Fitness Friday (5/2)

This week has been a rough one for me.  Saturday night I started feeling like I was getting the flu.  Sunday came with severe stomach cramps. Monday continued with the cramps, but finally Tuesday the let up.  I was still not feeling right until Thursday afternoon.  Lucky for me, Thursday evening brought my neighbor requesting me accompany her at the gym!

Move My Body Results
Friday: REST
Saturday: 3.20 Miles
Sunday:  REST
Monday:  REST
Tuesday:  REST
Wednesday:  REST
Thursday: 3.22
Total for the week: 6.42 Miles!

These pictures reflect me before and right at the 2 mile mark on my workout from Thursday.  I am currently doing the c25k program.  Thursday's run was the start of week 5.  Running for 5 minutes straight, 3 times is a killer!  I'm looking forward to Week 5 Day 2 tomorrow.  I will be doing that workout outside, so I need to remember to force myself to keep going.  Its much easier to keep up your pace on the treadmill!  

Weigh-In Results
Weight one week ago: 226.0 lbs
Weight today: 224.4
Weight Difference: -1.6 lbs

I am happy to see this loss, but I wish I it was higher.  I stayed away from all foods that show an intolerance.  However I may have eaten a little too much candy from Easter.  I need to stay away from the sugar! UGH!!!!

I got bloodwork results back from the doctor and it looks like my thyroid is going crazy again.  I am hoping this is the main reason for my plateau with weightloss.  It seems I gain and lose the same 5 pounds every month.  So over that!  I'll be going back in at the end of the month for new bloodwork and possibly a change in Rx.  Someone pray for me! 

Goals for the week:  
Track calories closely and be aware of what is going in my body.
Stay away from all food intolerances.
Stay away from SUGAR!!Have only 2 rest days.

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