Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Friday (1/17)

This week has blown by!  I've been doing the Focus T25 workout as I mentioned last week.   Sometimes it has been with my neighbor and sometimes solo.  A few nights solo due to a few restrictions on my neighbor, but that won't slow me down!  I also mentioned last week that I expected the program to be harder.  I shouldn't have said that because WOW...  I believe it was me that wasn't pushing hard enough.  I did the Total Body Circuit and yep.. Kicked me right in the behind!

As for pounds.... I am right where I was last week.  Holding strong at 217.5.  I feel my body loosening up, especially my hips.  I feel my hunger increasing, which always happens when I'm working hard enough to burn major calories.  I am also noticing more energy at night.  Once I am able to get to sleep, I am sleeping through the night!  This is a big plus for me as the last 4-5 months on nights when the kids sleep through, I was waking around 3:00 to use the restroom.  No longer!

I don't have much else to report other than a picture I found this morning.  This picture speaks volumes to me.............

You have to see the person you want to be, to achieve it.  Put your best "You" forward because if you don't you may lose sight of yourself.  But most of all, have goals.  Without goals you may never get where you're supposed to be!

Have a great week everyone!  Lets get fit!

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  1. I totally agree with everything you said. YOu have to put your best foot forward and make goals. Both are so very important things in making the steps toward what you are wanting to achieve.