Friday, November 15, 2013

Fitness Friday (11/15)

This week was very up and down for me.  I have had a headache every morning when I wake up, but it goes away throughout the day.  I am thinking its hormone related.   Man, how my body hates me!

I miss running.  I miss it bad!  The weather is just too chilly for me to get up at 6am and run.  Although, maybe I should give it a try!  I might surprise myself.  Any winter runners our there?  Running when there is frost on the ground doesn't sound like fun to me.  I really do miss it though.  It helps me refocus my mind and of course my body changing from fat into muscle wasn't such a bad thing either!

I am having a hard time with seeing my body as it is now.  I may have mentioned this before... Although I feel a little different , I still see the 283lb girl when I look in the mirror.  The scale tells me a different number but I just don't see a difference.  I was told by a woman that has lost 100lbs to constantly take pictures of myself and compare.  I posted this picture on our Facebook page a few weeks back, but it will be the one I use today.  I need to find some older pictures of myself in full body type shots.

This collage reflects 60 pounds gone.  This morning I am down 64 pounds total.  Current weight is 218.5.  2.5 pounds gone this week!  When I started my journey this time around I set mini goals for myself.  They didn't have a time frame on them, but more of a number to reach.  They look like this:

Goal #1: 35 lbs lost--I MADE IT!!!!! 7/28/13 
Goal #2: 50 lbs lost--Holy COW!!! 9/12/13 
Goal #3: 65 lbs lost --                                    

I am so close to that next level!  I know I will reach it next week.  A little bit of new inspiration for myself.  

Please check out Teresa and how she is doing!  I am so proud of her!!!  Leave her your comments too, everyone needs a little support, ya know?

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