Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pieces of my story begin here....

Hello!  I am a wife and mother of 2 fantastic children and 2 smelly dogs.  My children are 4 and 2 and keep me going constantly!  My whole life I have been the bigger girl.  In grade school, my mom always bought me those stirrup pants.  You know the ones, they had elastic that went around my foot and elastic around the waist.  My friends still pick on me about those pants.  I need you to know that I wasn't wearing those pants because I thought they were cool... Mom bought them because that's what you wear when you are an overweight little girl.

Going through Junior High and High School, I loved working out!  Eventually I lost interest and the weight started to creep up.  Every year I gained more and more weight but I didn't pay too close attention.  Meeting my husband brought a lot of delicious meals at Applebee's and more pounds.  I joined Weight Watchers and did great!  I lost 30 pounds with the help of a friend, but a business trip took me away for a week and I just couldn't get back on track.  

By the time we were to be married, I weighed 260 pounds.  I didn't see myself as the fat girl because he loved me.  I remember looking at myself in the mirror before I headed around to the church, thinking...  "Wow, You really are beautiful."  That day I saw the person my husband fell in love with, but soon after our wonderful day I lost sight of her again.  Along came my daughter.  I only gained 18 pounds during the pregnancy.  I was told that was very normal for an overweight woman's first pregnancy.  That weight went away pretty quickly and I managed to keep it off.  Then came along my son.  I gained 20 pounds with him and lost a little bit, but slowly the pounds came back to say 'hello."  And this time they brought their friends.  By the time I decided enough was enough I weighed 283 pounds.  For a long time before this I had used an app on my phone called MyfitnessPal.  It helps keep track of calories, exercise, and lets you build you own little community.  It helped a little but if I would stop logging, I would gain the weight back.  Bad habits, right?

In May of 2013, I needed a refill on a prescription I received in Kansas the prior year for my thyroid.  My new doctor wanted new blood work numbers.  She did tests I had never had done before.  Among my under-active thyroid, I found out I had a few vitamin deficiencies, I have food allergies and was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  This was a very scary time for me as I just thought the medication would fix my body.  Finally I had an answer to why I couldn't concentrate, why I just couldn't lose weight unless I practically starved myself, why I am one very moody woman, among many other side effects.  This doctor has saved my life.  I am just now learning about what I need to do on this journey to fixing my body, but as I learn it I plan to share it with you.  Step one has been, NO GLUTEN!  Treating my body with food instead of medicine has helped a great deal.  Today I weigh 222 pounds.  My goal is somewhere between 140 and 160.  

Check out Teresa's note.  She is a very fun woman, looking to help motivate and be motivated.  We each have our own lives and journies but I have found a fantastic friend in this woman.  I hope you can find a little motivation on our page and want to join us!  Please feel like you can share with us as we are sharing with you!  We're here for you.  More Sweat, Less Wiggles....  That's all anyone wants, right?

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