Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why reading is important to my family..

I've noticed over the last four years that emotions are easier to deal with the day after reading a bedtime story.  The nightly routine in my home is currently -Get Cooper to bed-Let Ally play a little longer-Get Ally ready for bed-Fetch night time snack for Ally-Read Ally a book while she lays in her bed-Say Goodnight, to hopefully not see her out wandering around the house looking for something to buy her two more minutes before she lets herself fall asleep.

You see, growing up I don't remember reading books.  As a result, I do not read very fast.  I find it hard to concentrate on what I'm reading most of the time, unless of course the book has grabbed me and I just can't put it down.  That has happened for 9 or 10 books over the last couple of years.  So, I don't think I can call myself a book addict.  A book lover, yes... but not a book addict.

Cooper has started letting me read to him while he sits calmly on my lap.  I have taken advantage of this in the short time before the bedtime routine.  If I read to him directly before bed he thinks it's time to run around the house crazy like the we are on fire!  We certainly don't have any fires to put out, so keeping him calm is better for everyone involved.

I decided to create a little reading nook in the house for myself and the children.  So far, they are loving it! The books are on their level and chairs for them to sit.  The floor works great as an area for night time reading with Cooper as well as time for Ally to "read" to him.  I'm so proud!  She is starting to learn her letters and has recognized a few words in the process.  I think we have a smart little girl on our hands!

On the days after I don't get time to read with the children, I have noticed them to be a little clingy.  Emotions run high, showing a lot more tears that any Momma would want to see on any given day.  The One-on-One time and personal touch that is needed to keep my children on the happy track are the best rewards to a few minutes a night devoted to reading to my little babies.         .....Ally is asking me to read to her, Time to go for now!

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