Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've had a really hard time getting my site synced up with my site domain. This has been so discouraging for me that I put off continuing building my site.  Well, that's all changing today!  I have to get this site done.  For me.  So, I will spend my hours on the phone getting it fixed, or I'll demand my money back from  

This is is going to be a way to help other save money, love on their children, and live life!  I am going through food allergy trials, terrible twos, a 4 yr old that thinks I am not allowed to teach her anything and she will learn when she gets to school, and a life with my husband that I love so dearly.  I miss my friends back home, but there isn't much I can do about that right now.  We have 2 smelly dogs that are so lazy!!  I wish I could lay around like them all day.  

Time to get this going!  When everything is set and correct, I plan to have a Facebook page that is linked to this page as well! :)

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