Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Costumes and More at Oriental Trading

When I was about seven years old, Halloween was the highlight of October.  Mind you, October is my Birthday Month, so the bar was already pretty high.   The weeks between my birthday and Halloween brought a pretty nasty snow storm.   My siblings and I were so afraid that Halloween would be cancelled but my Mom wasn't having it.  Not sure if she was set on a few hours of us out of the house or if she wanted those chocolate bars... Either way, she bundled us up and told us our new costumes for the year were "Eskimos."  What was so special about this Halloween is as a 32 year old woman, this is the only one that I actually remember. I don't remember the candy I got.  I don't remember if my brother and sister had a great time while we froze our fingers off.  I simply remember that costume choice!

Costumes are a huge deal when you're a child.  You get to pick your favorite character for that small span of time and being that character for a few hours out of the day is a pretty awesome thing.   This year my family and I turned to Oriental Trading for the children's costumes.  We scoured the website for what felt like hours.  There are so many choices for both children and adults!   Allyson decided she wants to be a Police Officer and Cooper chose Fred Flintstone.  I personally love Cooper's choice!  He took me right back to my childhood with that one! 

Right along with costume choices, Oriental Trading has candy, decorations, and really great ideas for parties!  Each year, we have a Halloween Party with the Girl Scout troop and I get my supplies from Oriental Trading.  Definitely take a look and see what you can find that fits whatever theme you may be hosting.  

What costume will you be wearing this year?   I'd love to hear about any Halloween plans you have in the comments.   Happy Halloween! 

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  1. I don't have any costume plans this year, but I'll have to take a look at Oriential Trading. The costume looks great on Cooper and I wonder if they'd have something for Lucy!