Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Step by Step, Finding Myself with the help of BODYARMOR

The month of May has been all about finding who I am.  Being a busy mother with 2 kids is what I've always wanted in life, but I fear I have lost myself a little.  I've taken quite a few steps to gain back my life and my health.  It is so easy to lose yourself in your children.  While struggling for the last few months with finding exactly who I am, I changed things up a bit for May!

The biggest step in finding who I am has been getting my body moving.  Here are a few changes:
  • Walking Ally to school - We live about 3/4 of a mile away from her school, so we enjoy a nice morning stroll!  This is also great because I can get Cooper out for a little run/jog in the morning!  That kid's outlook on the day is so much better when he has exercised in the morning.  No more cranky 4 year old. 
  • Join the YMCA as a family - I was going to a gym before switching it up.  I would get up at 5:30am and go to the gym while my family was still asleep.  Leaving in what felt like the middle of the night to drive 10 minutes to the gym, in the dark... wasn't too much fun.  It was hard to get up and I really hated the idea.  This wasn't a successful way to make my body feel better and get my head in the right place.  This lead me to seeking better options.  The YMCA was calling my name!  Babysitter while I workout and I can enjoy sweating while the sun is shining! 
  • Drink BODYARMOR - Keeping myself hydrated helps keep my mind right.  This is so I can be the Mom I know I am and the woman with the energy that is hiding in there somewhere!  BODYARMOR tastes great too! 

  • Adding a little color to my face every day - While I don't need makeup to feel like a woman, after putting a little color on my eyes, I feel more awake.   Whatever I can do to keep happy and alert for my children, I'll take those steps.  

I've been blessed to have access to BODYARMOR at my local Publix.  This has been a great thing as I am getting my life together and battling with a stomach bug in our house.  Cooper is a big fan of BODYARMOR and has no problem drinking a whole bottle in a matter of minutes.  Getting his electrolytes back up after dealing with tummy troubles was easy with BODYARMOR.

This review is based strictly on my own opinion.  Others may have different opinions or experiences with the products mentioned above.  I was provided samples free of charge by the company or a PR Agency.  I have provided my open and honest opinions.  

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