Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Being a Woman is Rough.

Menopause is a very excruciating period for every woman. Although many men do not realize this, women go through various things during this time. They will suffer from different symptoms that will disturb their mental and physical functions. Even though every doctor will say that this is natural behavior of the body, that doesn’t meant that we need to like it. In fact, these symptoms are so problematic that pharmaceutical industry had to invent proper solution that will help people relieve their problem. Nowadays, if you buy Premarin vaginal cream online, you are able to eliminate some of the issues that were affecting your body.

During this period, female body starts losing certain functions. In fact, menopause is direct opposite of adolescence. While sexual functions and fertility were slowly developing during adolescence, menopause deprives body from all these abilities. Simply put, female body is no longer able to physically bear child. Because of this, hormones start acting accordingly, eliminating reproductive function. If you think about it, this is actually an evolutionary process that protect organism. At this age, most of women couldn’t bear another child. Or even worse, child would be born with defect. As a response, ovaries stop producing eggs. This is performed by reducing amount of estrogen in organism.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, over the years estrogen developed important function within a body. It doesn’t only regulate sexual functions. Instead, these chemical facilitate other processes and influence various tissues. During menopause, woman can experience numerous problems. Some of them are: insomnia, anxiety, depression, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, osteoporosis, hot flushes etc. As you can see, this period can be quite debilitating. Besides physically and mentally, all these issues affect woman socially. They can have extremely negative impact on relationship with their partner as well as other people in her midst. Occasionally, these issues can prevent her from doing her job or doing some other routine things.

As it turns out, most females perceive vaginal dryness as the biggest problem during this period. Even though this symptom is not the most problematic when it comes to impact on body and mind, it can lead to severe social problems. Simply put, sex life is the backbone of many couple’s relationship. Logically, without sex, their bond may become disturbed. It is especially excruciating for women because they feel they are letting their partner down. During menopause, many of them develop fears and doubts. Due to their inability to have sex, they believe that their partner will replace them with younger women. 

We have previously mentioned that Premarin vaginal cream is one of the best solutions for this particular problem. This cream restores estrogen to your body allowing you to have normal intercourse. Increase of estrogen allows vagina to become lubricated once more. This eliminated painful intercourse allowing women to enjoy sex. However, estrogen supplements have one big flaw. Most of them can cause uterus cancer. Because of this, doctor will have to monitor entire process and make sure that patient uses drug safely. Specialists from You! Drugstore warn consumers to be very careful when using mediation and to follow prescribed dosage.

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