Monday, November 16, 2015

My trip to meet Colleen Hoover

I started my reading journey when Twilight came out on the shelves.   It was interesting enough and I enjoyed the movies.  This lead me to The Hunger Games and from there I started reading other genres.  One author that has stuck with me is Colleen Hoover.  A friend recommended Hopeless to me one boring day.  I had no idea that I'd be sucked in by page 2.  That day I discovered my favorite author.

Meeting celebrities is a big thing.  I'm not sure at what point an author becomes a celebrity but I can assure you that Colleen Hoover is an important person to me.  She had a book come out on November 10th and lucky for me... Her publisher scheduled a multi-city book tour.   When it was announced that she would be in Miami during that tour, I had the following conversation with my husband:

Me: Colleen Hoover is going to be in Miami on November 14th. I have to be there. Please make this my birthday present!
Husband: Okaaaaaay. I think we can make this happen.
Me: *pumping arms in the air* YES!!!!!! Thank you!!!! *wiped tears*
Husband: My wife is weird.

I counted down the days.  I talked my Florida Lady, Laura into coming on a quick 4 hour drive to Miami with me.  Booked a hotel because well...  of course!  Ordered a shirt and then was surprised by the same shirt for my birthday from my Kansas Lady, Joy!  I even won a giveaway to be on a Google "hangout" with Colleen the week before!  I stared at the phone and looked like a goofball while she spoke about November 9!

I woke up on November 14th at 5:45am.  I went outside.  It smelled like Fall!  "This is a good sign."  I thought to myself.  The day before I had just been complaining about how it has been in the 80's in Florida and I miss the seasons changing back home.   With this new smell, it was like November 14th was to be the greatest day I'd had in a long time.   Trust me... It was!!!  To start it all off... a selfie in the car!!

Laura and I got in the car... Starbucks drinks in hand, we got on the interstate.  Fantastic conversation and then lunch at Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor with a few other awesome book friends.  It is a treat to be able to hug your friends for the first time.  You can create these great relationships over the internet and Facebook and never actually touch these people.  Touching them makes them 100% real and such a delight to have in my life!

While lunch was a highlight of the day, it wasn't the reason we all drove the hours to Miami!  We went to see Colleen Hoover and have my book signed!   Unknown to any of the ladies I was with, we'd be able to sit in on a Q&A session with Colleen!   I told myself that I would be asking her at least 1 question if I got the chance.  I had it all picked out.  "Do you judge books by their covers?"  I got to ask it and I loved her answer!  She explained how SLAMMED got it's cover and made me feel normal for judging books by their covers.  One thing I forgot to ask her though....  What city is in the background of November 9?  I hope I will find this answer.  Maybe Someday.

Afterward, they shared cupcakes and we stood in a long line to wait to have our books signed.   We took advantage and got to know each other a little better!  Oh, I mentioned cupcakes!!

The bookstore had rules.  They said you had to purchase 1 book from them and then you would be allowed to have 2 books from home signed.  I had already purchased the copies of November 9 that I needed signed and brought a few from home.  With my luck, they weren't regulating this and I got all the books I took plus my Bookworm Box bookmark signed!!  Colleen started the Bookworm Box with her sisters, so I thought it appropriate to have her sign the best bookmark I have ever used!

I asked my Kansas Lady, Joy if she had any questions for Colleen.  She came up with an awesome one and of course I stumbled on my words while asking......

The best moment of the night was by far when I got to speak with her one on one for a few moments.  She is the kindest, most down to earth "celebrity" I have ever encountered.  Hugs from her are the best!!

Have you read any of Colleen Hoover's book?  Let's discuss!

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