Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Atorvastatin, a great drug for high cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the most common issues that modern people have. It is a result of our unhealthy lifestyle and our bad habits. Most people regard this issue as meaningless and unimportant but the truth of the matter is that level of this substance in blood is one of the most important indicators of overall health. Patient can buy Atorvastatin online to regulate cholesterol in blood.

Fats are not dissolvable in water, so they cannot be transported through blood. Instead, they are packed into small packages in order to be transferred through the organism. These bundles consist of carriers (proteins and fats) that are transported, otherwise known as lipoproteins. LDL or low density lipoprotein is lipoprotein of small density while HDL or high density lipoprotein has high density. LDL is full of harmful fats. Unlike LDL, HDL has much more proteins and it is harmless for our body. Also, high density lipoprotein is able to collect cholesterol from blood vessels thus cleaning them.

High density cholesterol is recognized as a positive substance for our body. It prevents accumulation of fats within our blood vessels and reduction of their effective space. When blood vessels get reduced, blood pressure increases within them and there is a high chance of blood clots. Good cholesterol transports all these fats to liver where they are processed. Because of this, it is important for person to have high amount of this substance within the system.

LDL has a lot of cholesterol that is susceptible to oxidation. Cholesterol which is present within this substance is sticking to walls of the arteries and contributes to creation of atherosclerotic plaque. As the amount of LDL increases, so does the plaque within arteries. This results in increased pressure to the heart and reduced supply of oxygen to this organ. If part of this plaque falls off, thrombus is created that starts flowing freely through blood. When it gets to a blood vessel that has smaller diameter than that of thrombus, it can clog it and prevent blood from flowing to a particular muscle. As a result, patient will suffer from heart attack or stroke, depending on its position within the body. There are certain conditions that can increase risk of cardiac diseases such as smoking, diabetes, increased blood pressure, low HDL, history of heart issues within a family as well as age.

Even though high cholesterol can be very problematic, we can easily reduce it and control it. First step is to change life habits, stop drinking or smoking. Patient needs to implement regular exercises. Professionals from You! Drugstore suggest using drugs such as Atorvastatin. This medicine prevents body from absorbing excessive cholesterol. Although it cannot resolve the issue on its self, it provides great assistance. It is especially important for patients who have high risk of heart attack or stroke. They can use this drug until they reduce overall cholesterol in order to prevent any complications. People who have history of liver diseases should avoid this drug at any cost. 

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