Sunday, July 12, 2015

Reading with your Children and Scholastic

Disclosure:  I received one or more products in this post in exchange of an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

My little whipper snapper of a daughter has fallen in love with reading!  This is such a great thing! I'm a Momma that likes to stay up late at night to read, so her love of reading is perfect for this family.  This Summer, Allyson has a goal of 30 books.  She is planning to hit that goal with a little help from Scholastic.

We are very lucky this summer to be working with Scholastic here at Sweet Cheeks Adventures. They sent us 5 books to read and share with you!  While I am excited to share the titles Ally chose, I am even more excited to share with you the things I learned while Ally dove right into these books!

Allyson started her reading journey this Summer even before she was on Summer Break.  Before one of her last days of school, I found her ready to leave a little early and reading The was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Frog.  They read a similar book in her Kindergarten class, so she was excited to see this variation!  I remember it as the old lady swallowing a fly!  

Spring is in the air, and everyone's favorite old lady is ready to celebrate!
That zany old lady is back--and with a serious case of spring fever! This time she's swallowing items to make the most of the season...with a beautiful garden!
With rhyming text and funny illustrations, this lively version of the classic song will appeal to young readers with every turn of the page--a wacky story for the first day of spring!

Ally loves this book!  It's silly, a little challenging and the illustrations kept her interested through the end. They help tell the story just as much as the words!  This book is made for grads K-2.  

The Magic School Bus Presents series took us in a different direction from swallowing a frog.  As these books are here to teach us a little something, Ally enjoyed them even more.  She surprises me more and more every day with her thirst for knowledge!  We learned about tough beetles, ants, the praying mantis, penguins, elephant seals, and even fun facts about working on the North and South Poles!  Both of these books are for grades 1-3, so perfect for her as she is keeping her mind sharp for 1st grade in the Fall!

When it comes to keeping Ally interested, I've learned that if the book is too easy, she'll just took at the pictures and put it down.  Many time she will look at it as if it is too hard and not try.  As her teacher told me at the end of the year, Allyson is reading at a end of 1st grade, beginning of 2nd grade level.  That fact is the reason why I chose these 2 titles for her to read over the summer.  At first she told me they are too hard for her.  As the Summer has progressed, she has picked them up a few times and is working through it.  I am so proud of her.  Such a dedicated worker and proud of herself! 

Both Owl Diaries and The Amazing Stardust Friends are chapter books.  They're designed a little differently but through patients, Allyson has noticed it and pushed forward!  A really great think about Owl Diaries, the sentences are spread out.  It helped her separate the thoughts and move on when she was ready.  Thinking 2 chapters per day is enough for her, she read at her own pace, completing a up to 4 chapters a day sometimes!  Such a cute story!

Reading is a big part of my every day life as a woman.  I am a fan of diving into a story and getting lost with the characters.  I wasn't a big reader growing up though.  Now that Ally is old enough to read on her own, I am really enjoying the one on one time we share simply just reading together.  Sometimes we read the same book, sometimes she reads to me, and sometimes I to her.  Through connecting with her through books I have learned that I need to have more patience in the my every day and enjoy the small moments.  Moments that she will remember forever.  

Take a minute this Summer to read with your children.  It could effect their whole outlook on life!  What are you reading this Summer?

This review is based strictly on my own opinion.  Others may have different opinions or experiences with the products mentioned above.  I was provided samples free of charge by the company or a PR Agency.  I have provided my open and honest opinions.  No other type of compensation was received for this review.


  1. I love the joy in getting lost in a book and am so glad that you guys are coming over into my world! Makes my heart so happy! I love being surrounded by books all the time.

  2. I loved scholastic books when I was younger. It seems like I always had my nose stuck in a book! Its great you amd your daughter can both read together.

  3. Oh, how sweet is that last picture?! Scholastic books are awesome & reading together IS very important.

  4. We absolutely love Scholastic! There are few better things than getting lost in a book! One of the best things a parent can do is share that love of reading with their children.