Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Astronaut!

Allyson: "Mom, can we go to space when I'm a little older?"

Mom: "I don't think I'll be going to space in my lifetime, but you are more than welcome to. Do you want to be an astronaut?"
Allyson: "Yes, I think so."
Mom: "Okay! You need to study really hard and do your best to learn everything you can about space and planets."
Dad: "Study Math and Science really hard and you'll get there."
Allyson: "Awesome!"

When I was a little girl I wanted to be Reba McIntyre.  It was very weird.  I remember trying to sing like her.  I'd move my mouth to the side as I was trying to achieve the sounds that Reba's amazing talent gave to the world.  I clearly did not turn into Reba McIntyre now that I am 31 years old, but that isn't going to stop me from helping my little girl reach her dreams.  

Being my daughter's Girl Scout Leader has been such a great experience from day 1.  We started the year as a Mother/Daughter Duo who wasn't sure where the year would lead us.  Would I bomb as a leader?  Would Ally ignore everyone and totally hate the experience?  Would she turn into some girl that talks so much you can't get her to be quiet?  The end was unknown..... Until now.  We are a year in and last night my little girl told me she wants to be an Astronaut!  I have no doubt that is because of the confidence she learned over the last year with Kindergarten and Girl Scouts.  Her teacher shared so many great things about our galaxy with her and it has turned into this fascination with space and the unknown.  

While I have never been one to research for fun, I am finding myself more and more interested in the beyond.  What is beyond Earth?  The planets in our solar system are amazing, but what else is out there?    I hope one day my daughter is able to teach the world just a little more about the unknown. 

What kind of dreams did you have as a child?

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