Friday, January 9, 2015

Fitness Friday (1/9/15)

This week went a lot better than I thought it had as far as weight loss!  I managed to move my body more than my goal, and I felt great about that.  However I was so proud of myself last week that I may have had a few too many Starburst as the week went on.  SO -- I need to kick the sugar habit, and I need to kick it now!

Move My Body Results
Friday: 40 Minutes Cardio (Week 1 Day 3 of c25k)
Saturday: Jumped in a bounce house for 20 minutes (super fun)
Sunday: 45 minutes Cardio (Week 2 Day 1 of c25k)
Monday: REST
Tuesday:  40 Minutes Cardio (Week 2 Day 2 of c25k)
Wednesday: 60 Minutes of Cardio (walking, pushing 70lbs of kid in stroller)
Thursday: 40 Minutes Cardio (Week 2 Day 3 of c25k)

With Carlee from Frugal and Fun Mom during our walk on Wednesday!
Getting ready to start Week 3 of c25k is exciting for me!  I'm noticing as I'm running I'm sweating more and breathing easier.  I didn't use to sweat too much while running, so I have no doubt that with me pushing myself harder and getting the gallon of water in every day, I am finally treating my body how it was made to be treated!

All-Time Weigh-In Results (starting May 2013)
Beginning Weight: 283.4 lbs
Weight one week ago: 242.0 lbs
Weight today: 235.8 lbs
Weight Difference: -2.2 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 47.6 lbs

V-Day Goal Weigh-In Results (starting December 29, 2014)
Beginning Weight: 242.0
Weight one week ago: 238.0 lbs
Weight today: 235.8 lbs
Weight Difference: -2.2 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -6.2 lbs! 

A little something I'm working on this week.  Usually when I have a good week I will indulge a little/a lot.  This causes me to do the yo-yo effect as I gain back all plus some of what I lost the week before.  This week my goal is to STOP THE MADNESS and NO YO-YO!!  I have to stay on track for me.  I have a goal to hit in the next 35 days, and it is going to happen.  With any luck I will have passed the goal and be far from it by then!  

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