Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Adventures of Sparkle -- Week 1!

Holiday Traditions are such a big thing in our home.  The memories are so important to me as I am relying on pictures now to trigger the memories as a child.  I have such fond and sweet memories when they do come back to me.  Ones of my mom smiling on Christmas.  Her singing Christmas carols, and of course the little things we used to do together like watch the parade on the TV each year!  Now as a mother of 2, it is my turn to be a focal point of some of these memories for my children.  

On Thanksgiving night, we had a very sweet and nice elf join our household.  Allyson and Cooper decided her name should be Sparkle.

Sparkle is a sweet elf.  Let me start out by saying that.  She means well but I think she gets into a little trouble while we are asleep.  Her days are filled with strict business and finally after reporting to Santa Claus each night, she lets her hair down a little.

Night 1 lead us to....................

Apparently Sparkle enjoyed the turtle pie as much as the rest of the family!  Allyson was not impressed that she missed out on the last piece of pie though.  While she was a little upset that Sparkle ate the last bit of pie, I did hear her talking to our new family member at one point.  

"Maybe you are magic!"

Night 2....

Sparkle tried to help with the decorating!  So wonderful of her.  It looks like she shouldn't be playing with electrical though.  Not too smart of an idea on her part.

Night 3.....

And we learned here that Sparkle loves chocolate!  I mean, of course she loves chocolate!  It's like milky cocoa filled blocks of love!  However, this act got her back on Ally's naughty list.  

Night 4....

We woke to a beautiful note left by Sparkle!  They did have a good morning and a great day followed!  Allyson was impressed that she was so neat with her painting.  Look how talented she is with that cute Christmas Tree!

Night 5...... 

Sparkle felt she needed to snuggle up with an 'ole familiar cap and have a movie night!  Pretty low key if you ask me!

Night 6.....

BAD Sparkle!!  The children are participating in a Holiday Tradition of 25 Books of Christmas.  Sparkle saw an opportunity for learning and got caught!  Unwrapping the presents before Christmas without permission is frowned upon!  This act got her put in Elf Jail for the next 18 hours or so with Warden Allyson watching over.

This concludes Week 1 of The Adventures of Sparkle.  Be sure to check in again soon for Week 2!  This crazy elf will sure be up to something.  

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  1. I laughed out loud with this post.... Sparkle is one amazing elf!!!