Thursday, October 2, 2014

Superheroes vs. Villains Halloween Costumes at BuyCostumes

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This year I have a Superhero and a Kitty coming from my home!  Superheroes ROCK!

BuyCostumes Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, celebrate the champion within or release your inner villain with costumes and accessories at BuyCostumes.

BuyCostumes has everything a family needs to bring out the best (or the worst) for Halloween. Why not do both and outfit the entire family (even the pet!) in costumes from Star Wars - both heroes and villains! Or have a little fun and pair up with the family next door and duke it out on the streets of your neighborhood—one family good, the other the ultimate clan of evil.

Dark or light, hero or scoundrel… whichever calls your name, BuyCostumes has got you covered. Here are a few ideas from both sides to give you some inspiration:


If you've found the perfect costume theme for your family this Halloween season, head on over to Make sure to use coupon code AFCBC2075 and you'll get 20% off orders over $75.

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  1. I absolutely love Halloween! Seeing the kids excitement and dressed in their cute Halloween costumes. Well, not all of them are cute. lol Some are very scary. There was a little boy in a mask and holding a sword coming down the aisle at Kroger one evening. I put on my scared face and grabbed my sis's arm to protect me. We were there coupon shopping. He ran up to his Mom and was laughing "I scared that lady".!!! lol