Sunday, October 5, 2014

Neater Feeder - No More Messy Floors Giveaway

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I have three larger dogs, and all of them are sloppy eaters. I decided this would best be suited for my Australian Shepherd, Neener. Not only will this stop her from spilling food all over the floor, but I absolutely love that it is raised. She is getting old, and this seems to be much easier for her to eat out of than her regular food and water bowls. I have never been more grateful for a product like this in my life than I was this past weekend. My nephews came over, and they are obsessed with trying to feed the animals, but always end up spilling the food everywhere! Sure enough, within minutes they were headed over and they spilled food.. but this time, instead of it going all over the floor, this caught the mess. They also managed to spill the water, which is usually quite a headache, because our den where the dog's food bowls are is carpeted. This time, instead of spilling all over the carpet, the mess all went down the holes into the bottom of the bowl for easy cleanup!

 We also have cats, who for some reason love to play in water, which means usually water gets spilled on a regular basis. Now, they prefer to drink and play in this bowl of water, instead of the others, so all of that water now flows right into the bottom on the container. All you have to do is lift off the top part, and go dump out the water that is in the bottom. This is much easier than trying to sop up water puddles all of the time. Another great feature of this product is that the water bowl is much deeper than the food bowl. Our dogs are fairly active. They all love to go outside and play ball, or tug of war, or just run around and be crazy happy dogs. When they come in, they of course need drinks of water, and this Extra capacity water bowl holds much more water than most other water dishes. Neener was a little confused when I replaced her normal food dish with this feeder, but after a few hours she is eating out of it normally. If your dogs are having problems with this, you can put their normal food dish next to the this, until they get used to it. I did not need to do that. I am extremely satisfied with this product! It has saved me hours of time, not having to clean up messes.
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