Friday, October 3, 2014

Looking Fabulous with Custom Ink

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If you are a parent, coach, a member of the PTA, or involved with a school group, at some point you have probably canvassed your neighborhood looking for a good t-shirt printer. CustomInk is an online custom t-shirt printing service that provides a stress-free custom creation experience at an incredibly affordable price. Take a look at their Design Lab—it is chock full of ideas for teams and clubs, and their simple interface allows you to make it your own. Whether you are making 10 shirts to go to a chess match, or 100 for the Homecoming game, CustomInk can help you bring on that school spirit.

Below are some great design ideas which are all fully customizable in the CustomInk design lab. You can also browse more school-themed design ideas here.

High School Shirt Graduating Class Shirt Cheer Shirt Field Trip Shirt

Get inspired with CustomInk's design ideas to help you create a custom t-shirt for your group.
Show off your school spirit with CustomInk!

There are so many reasons to make your shirts one of a kind!  
Browse through and make the options or make one of your own!

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