Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear 21 Year old Self

In the next 10 years, you are going to experience great love and great loss.  You will learn how to take your health into your own hands and how important it is to actually listen to your body.  The days of sleeping very little and playing too hard will slow down, and your views on the world will change.  So, be ready.

On this day (10 years ago), You are turning 21.  Of course the party with your friends and family will be one that you remember, but it isn't the party that is important.  It is the Love of your Life that takes care of you later in the evening.  A sign that his love is true.  Don't worry...  He is still here 10 years later!  After the night you're about to have.. Feel lucky to have him by your side.  Because you are.  Very lucky.

Not only is your Love still here (10 years later), you have added 2 little people to the mix.   Two little people who fill your heart so full you aren't sure there is room for more!   Your Love's career will take you from your "home" only to teach you that "home" is where your family is.   While you cannot ever see leaving Manhattan, Kansas right now... You will.  You will enjoy moving to PA and the relationships you made there.  THEN you'll move to Paradise (Florida)!  

I need to make sure you remember to enjoy Mom.  You may take her for granted now but in a few years she will no longer be there.  She taught you how to be grateful, loving, caring (almost to a fault) and to work hard.  Carry these things close to your heart and hug her.  Just hug her.

Your friends will still be here as well!   The little group that you have been a part of since Kindergarten!  Twenty-six years of friendship.  Something not take for granted either.  Be proud, and let them know how much you love them.  They love you.  They will show it.  Even when you move to Paradise and rub it in their faces...  They'll love you!

Also pay attention to the new friendships you've made along the way.  Ten years is a long time, but the friendships you'll make in this time are so very important to the molding of who I am today.  Pay attention and Love.  Lots of Love because they deserve it!

In 10 years from your 21st Birthday, you will spend your day with your 2 little Rays of Sunshine, on the beach.  Relaxing and loving life.  Happy Birthday!


  1. If only someone would have told me this,35 years ago.

  2. I need to write one of these for my son. A kind of "I wish I knew then, what I know now" type of letter. Thanks for sharing!