Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Interruption in the Morning Routine

When I woke this morning, I was ready to get the children ready to head off to another day of kindergarten without drama.  Of course I should add that yesterday my daughter stayed home due to a fever.  She has been battling a cold and it finally got the better of her, making her sleep most of the day.  Waking up at 2pm and asking for pasta?  I'd say she was feeling a little better!

However, this isn't about ways to make pasta.  This is about the moments of this morning and the fight I had with getting her ready for school.

The normal routine in the morning is my husband and I wake up, I make lunches and snacks for the day.  Wake my daughter up, not having to wake my son up as he wakes up when he hears me in the kitchen.   This didn't happen this morning.  My daughter woke by herself (apparently she had enough sleep yesterday), supporting a smile!

I was so happy to see this!  A smile, first thing in the morning from the girl that you'd think hates the sun!  A smile from my daughter who only yesterday did a lot of wimpering and blowing her nose!  Who wouldn't be happy to see this smile?

Sadly thought, that smile didn't last.  I asked her if she was ready to get dressed for school.  She wasn't excited to go to school a few weeks ago but had accepted it and wasn't fighting me except for the occasional morning pony tail pulling fight.  I had tons of fun as a younger Me when I was in school, and have a hard time understanding why a little girl wouldn't want to go!  Playing with your friends all day, lunch in a big party room, and time on the playground?  That sounds like a pretty great day to me!  That is when she tried to share her first excuse though.  She said this, "They get in my face!!!!"  After I composted myself and with tears streaming down her face, I calmly asked, "Who, sweetie?  Who gets in your face?"  Then I saw the flash in her eyes that I see when she is trying to figure out the right answer.  She didn't give me an answer though, just stood there and stared.  I was able to get her to tell me that its the other students that get in her face while they are playing.   She certainly isn't bothered by this but she knows that Momma Bear would come out of her cave, raging!  No one will hurt one of my babies!

Then started the talking off the ledge.  I assured her they are just having fun in their day and its okay to partake!  Agreeing they aren't trying to be mean to her, we went over what time I'd be picking her up today.  Lucky for me, today is an early release so I could use that in my favor.  I also informed her that I would be working all day and would make sure not to have any fun without her.  So, this is me... Not having fun.  That wasn't fair of me to tell her I wouldn't have fun without her, but it made her feel better.  It's the little white lies in life that sometimes work out, right?

So, I leave you with this, this morning.....  As my daughter unbuckled her belt and grabbed her black and white backpack, I saw no more tears.  I saw a girl that was excited to go learn with her teacher and friends!  She was only worried about what she'd be missing at home.  I am proud that she loves so hard, so not wanting to miss out on anything, but I know she needs to learn and grow!  My brave girl will learn a little more this morning and grew a lot more this morning.

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  1. I think you are a great mom! The little white lies work out! And I don't know who could possibly NOT love that smile of Ally's! Such a fun gal!