Monday, August 18, 2014

On Your First Day of School

Today is a big day.  Today my first born starts Kindergarten.

To my baby on her first day of school........

This morning I woke up with a nervous pit in my stomach.  I knew in just an hour I'd be taking you to school and leaving you to meet new friends, learn to trust adults that aren't in our family and most importantly, to have so much fun.  I've worried all Summer about this day as I was not sure how you would accept me leaving you in a school that you've only spent a short amount of time in prior to today.  I was worried that you would cry and then I'd cry and the tears would be too much to handle.  Most of all, I was worried that you'd have a bad day and not enjoy all the bright and wonderful things Kindergarten has to offer.

I remember a few things from my Kindergarten years.  These things mostly consist of nap time and snack time.   I was also blessed with a friend that I have today.  I hope you can be so lucky to find a friend that you will still be in touch with 25 years later.

I have spent most of the day thinking you are playing in your bedroom.  I hear a giggle and then realize it is your little brother playing by himself.  Then I have high hopes that you are playing with new friends!

I have such hopes for you in the rest of your life.  Today marks the next step in your life, a step that will make you grow as a person more than you or I will realize.  While I am so excited to see the little person your brother has turned into, I miss you like crazy!  Is it 3:00 yet?

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