Monday, July 28, 2014

Old Relationships

At what point do you realize you've grown out of a relationship?

While being at my "home" recently, I realized a few things.  My friends from home had moved on, and I no longer have so much in common with most of them.  Lets break this down....

When I moved, they brought another person into the group.  We were considered a tight nit group... A tight nit group since grade school pretty much!  When we tried to add people, they didn't always stick around.  They might attend a few nights out with us, but eventually they decided to move on, or that we were too catty for them.  It is what it is....  The moment I moved away, they added a person to the group.  A female I have never met.  I know about her by association only.  She has remained part of the group, as if they replaced me with her.   Of course she probably doesn't feel this way, but as a very jealous female... These are the feelings I wear on my sleeve.  How is it that when I was part of the group, others didn't want to stick around?  Was I the "catty" one?  As I walk around and look at pictures on walls/Facebook, I realize I am no longer in the pictures my friends have up for show. What does this say?

The other side to this is maybe I have grown and no longer have anything in common with these ladies.    They have conversations that I am not a part of, even though I am sitting in the middle of the group.  Events happen but it is impossible for me to attend as I no longer live her.  My parenting values are not the same as theirs.  My children don't remember their children.  I could go on and on with the ways I no longer fit in the group, but when we are discussing feelings and things, is it better that I bite my tongue?  Should I speak up and share my opinion, or just let it slide?

Have I been alone by myself for so long that I was able to learn to be my own person and not rely on others anymore?  I believe this is what has happened.  I am living my life for my husband and children.  I blog because I enjoy sharing my opinion, networking with other bloggers and connecting with you guys, the readers.

Moving away from home saved my life, but changed my relationships forever.  I suppose I will have to learn to live with that.

Has this ever happened to you?  I'd love to hear how you handled it.

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