Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lifelong Friendship

When it comes to friends, people often say, "Quality before Quantity."  I totally agree with this.  However, I am one of those lucky ones that has had their friends from grade school that stick around after school and onto when LIFE happens!  I am one of the lucky ones that knows what its like to lose a friend and have that person come back to you.  I am also one of the lucky ones to know what its like to experience that really odd situation when your friend falls for your brother and after years, she becomes your sister, only to become your only your friend again after a few years of marriage.  I am one of the lucky ones, I tell you.

So, you see....  I have known Sarah since Kindergarten.  I have such fond memories of growing up with her and sleepovers.  Her mom was like a second mom to me, along with her little sister as a sister.  The pain she felt, I felt.  The pain I felt, she felt.  Growing older and finding boyfriends made us drive apart for each other, but we always find our way back.  Found our ways back close enough to live together for a short time!

I picked up Amanda and Joy somewhere around 2nd Grade.  Both have their strengths in our relationships!  There were so many times where I've wanted to shake some sense into each of them, but just like with Sarah, we've found our way back.

I was also lucky enough to have Joy bring a few fabulous people into the world!  These people being my niece and nephew!  Through that whole saga we'll call "Sister-in-Law" a lot of lessons were learned.  Lessons were learned and tempers were tested.  We came out on the other side, a little scarred, but we're all alive.

Now, Suzy was found in 7th Grade.  She had red hair and was from New York.  Being the sheltered little girl that I was, for some reason these two things made me so uneasy about her!  She could dance.  Like REALLY dance!  It took all of us a bit, but she is a big part of our group and we're never letting go of her.

The last person I'd like to mention in this post that I am sure you have stopped reading by now is Tina.  This woman is a transplant from California, to Kansas. I found Tina in my late twenties.  I was lucky enough to work with her and get to know her very quickly.  I am the lucky one in this relationship because while she is a tad older than the rest of us, she has been there.  She has been through life.  The advice and ear she has lent me surely is priceless.

These ladies have helped me along the way with who I am today, but that is only the beginning.  They are friends that have been there from the beginning, middle and I know they will be there until the end.

One of these ladies had a daughter who is struggling to find who she is.  She has said things like "I hope I find a friendship like you have with Ashley."  One thing I hope this girl realizes is, the friendships I have with all of these women are not typical.  They have been through thick and thin.  We have seen bad report cards, bad breakups, births, deaths, divorce, moving away, and LOTS of wine.  I can only hope our children find a group of friends like we have.

So to those people who say "Quality, not Quantity", I say... Why not have both?  Just make sure if you strive for both, be sure of who your friends are and make sure you are worthy of them.

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  1. Excellent post, thank you so much for sharing. Since turning 40, I have found out who my "true" friends are.