Friday, December 28, 2018

Sweet Cheeks Adventures Media Kit

Last Updated: December 2018

Ashley Gill, Owner and Blogger for Sweet Cheeks Adventures

Hello! Ashley here! I've been blogging for a few years at Sweet Cheeks Adventures but most recently took some time off.  I found myself working outside the home  I have Allyson; age 10 and Cooper; age 7. Both children have been inspirations as well as partners for our site! Ally loves to help me do videos, while Cooper enjoys testing out products and sharing his opinion! My husband, Jason is also very good at sharing his opinion. He helps round out a very opinionated family quite well!

On the site, we do product reviews and giveaways as well as sharing our day to day activities to add a little bit of fun and personality! I love sharing my opinion with my friends and family, along with anyone who comes across my page. It gives me such pleasure to find a reader who has purchased a product because of my recommendation! To have the process go full circle, is the best part!

To add to our reviews and options, sharing experiences out and around Florida has become a family favorite. You can find us at a zoo, walking outside in the many beautiful parks or simply for a day at the beach. We strive to be outside and to love Florida for all it's worth!

I have been blogging for 4 years and am seeing the numbers get higher and higher every day! It is such a thrill to see all of my hard work pay off! Between the communication with companies and the interaction with my readers, I find Sweet Cheeks Adventures to be such a fun place to be!

Sweet Cheeks and Savings Stats:
Monthly Views: 19,000
Facebook:  7.1K Likes/Fans
Twitter: 10.7K Followers
Pinterest:  2.8K Followers
Instagram: 1.8K Followers

To inquire about sponsorship, place contact Ashley Gill at  I would love to help get the word out about your company and/or any new products you have!  We do Product Reviews and Giveaways as well as have space available for advertising.  Pricing will be discussed on a case by case basis.   

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