Friday, May 9, 2014

Fitness Friday (5/9)

Another week has gone by and I have results to share.  No excuses, just results.

Move My Body Results
Friday: REST
Saturday: REST
Sunday:  REST
Monday: 3.71 miles
Tuesday:  3.0 miles
Wednesday:  REST
Total for the week: 6.42 Miles!

I have no excuse other than being lazy to account for the rest days.  I haven't taken time to run around the neighborhood in a while.  I have no doubt that if I would have made myself run, the loss in pounds would have been higher. 

Weigh-In Results
Weight one week ago: 224.6 lbs
Weight today: 223.6 lbs
Weight Difference: -1 lb
I seem to be doing okay when it comes to most of these Goals set for myself.  However, the having only 2 rest days isn't working out.  I will keep this goal and still strive for that, but as of right now....  Its still a goal and not an accomplishment. 
Goals for the week:  
Track calories closely and be aware of what is going in my body.
Stay away from all food intolerances.
Stay away from SUGAR!!
Have only 2 rest days.

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