Friday, May 23, 2014

Fitness Friday (5/23)

Another week has gone by and this week I didn't move as much but I did see a loss on the scale.  Isn't it funny how that happens.  I hope its fat and not muscle running away!  

Move My Body Results
Friday: 3.70 miles
Saturday: REST -- Played at the park!  
Sunday:  3.06 miles
Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST 
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: REST
Total for the week: 6.76 Miles!

During my run on Sunday, I did happen to run a mile in 8:48!  I don't believe I have ever been clocked for running that fast!  It felt great!  That is now the time to beat.  However, I think I'll work on running longer, instead of faster.  That is the harder of the 2, right?

Weigh-In Results
Weight one week ago: 225.4 lbs
Weight today: 224.0 lbs
Weight Difference: -1.4 lbs

It feels great to be down this week, as the yo-yo continues.  It is motivation to stay on the lower end of this and see what I can do about finally losing a few pounds for good this Spring.  

Goals for the week:  
Track calories closely and be aware of what is going in my body.
Stay away from all food intolerances.
Stay away from SUGAR!!
Have only 2 rest days.

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