Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitness Friday (4/18)

This week I accomplished something I am so very proud of.  While I had a rough week, I was able to run a 10 minute mile!  The story goes as this.  My body wasn't feeling great all week and on Wednesday I was determined to turn that around.  After talking with Teresa (Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz) about what I was feeling I decided it was time to pull myself out of the funk and not let my thyroid run my body anymore.  After dinner I ran as I normally do (when I'm feeling good).  Before I left the house I told my husband that I was going to go run faster than I had ever before!  AND I did!!  I can usually run just over 11 minutes per mile.  Wednesday I shaved a whole minute off my time.  I cranked up my music and pushed myself.  My heart was pounding and I got a cramp in my side, but I kept going.  

I learned something about myself on Wednesday night, while running around my neighborhood.  With the right determination and drive, I can do anything.  

Move My Body Results
Friday: REST
Saturday: 2.82 miles
Sunday:  1.5 miles
Monday:  REST
Tuesday:  REST
Wednesday: 2.02 miles
Thursday: REST
Total for the week: 11.66  Miles!

The goal I set last week for this week as far as running was not met.  I was going through something I can only connect to my thyroid.  I think I've pulled myself out of it.  I felt very lethargic, cranky and all around just not that well.  My appetite was fine, but I had absolutely no energy to get anything done, let alone move my body. My weight loss doesn't reflect that mood though.  

Weigh-In Results
Weight one week ago: 226.5 lbs
Weight today: 223.8
Weight Difference: -2.7 lbs

I did great with counting my calories and staying away from the sugary treats.  I did have a few, but I didn't let myself get lost in them and eat mindlessly.  That is usually my problem.  I'll just eat the substance and not pay attention to how my body is feeling then eat until whatever I'm eating is all gone.  That is no way to live.  That in fact is probably part of why I am working my booty off (literally!) to  get to the  place I need to be.  

Goals for the week:  
Track calories closely and be aware of what is going in my body.
Have only 2 rest days.
Run after my children more.  (this is more fun than work!)

I know I can see another great number this next week if I stick to these things.  We have Easter this weekend, with an Egg Hunt planned.  I can watch what I'm eating as I am making the meal and not visiting anyone.  I am in charge of my body and I refuse to keep struggling.  

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