Friday, April 25, 2014

#100HappyDays Day 1

Is it possible to be happy for 100 days? I think so. I am generally a happy person, but a challenge has been placed in front of me, so I am inviting you along on this journey with me. I hope you stick around for all 100 days, because they're going to be fabulous!

Today is Day 1. Today I am a proud mommy! We have been potty training Cooper for what feels like 5 years. Given that he is only 2 1/2, I'm not sure the 5 years happened, but trust me! Anyway, this morning he was having a hard time with needing to go number 2. He had yet to complete this action in the toilet. He would hold it until I had a pull up on him for nap time/bed time. He tried so hard this morning to get that pull up on himself. He brought me 4 by the time the whole fiasco was over! But let me tell you... No pull up was on my son's butt! He finally gave in and relaxed. The result: Poop in the Potty!!!! YAY!!!!!

So, I know that's not such a great story for people who have never potty trained or don't actually care about my son. Guess what... This is MY 100 days of happiness and THIS is how I am choosing to be happy today! I'm riding on my son's accomplishment and we've had a wonderful day because of it! He would even agree as he got extra candies for doing so great!

To start your #100HappyDays, head to this website and check it out!  

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