Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rickshaw Bagworks Giveaway

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As a writer, artist, photographer and mother I always have a need for pens, paper, my notebook, laptop, camera, phone, diapers and baby goodies and whatever other necessities I need to get me through the day, which can be a LOT!

As such, I then need somewhere to put everything that won't clog up space, which is durable, easy to access, reliable, portable and good looking, which I can honestly say I have managed to find in this bag from:

Rickshaw Bagworks is a store that will bring you innovation and style to suit your personality with customizable bags of all shapes and sizes, including the [now patented] COMMUTER 2.1!

This bag is made-to-order [in America] and comes together with just a few short steps and input from you! You simply visit the website, choose your bag and select your color preferences for your ideal look/feel to take with you on your every day journey!

This bag is so much fun because you can customize the front, the trim and even the logo, making this a truly unique experience for each buyer and it allows you to stand out while protecting your goods in transit!

This is a sturdy and reliable asset, costs $180 and boasts the following elements:

• Fits a laptop up to 15”
• Has a wipe-clean liner and is waterproof
• Stands up on its own
• Secure magnetic closures
• A sleeve for your laptop, which you can remove
• Plenty of space to organize cables and such 
• Made to order and customizable!

This is a great bag for everyone from the executive to the student or the every-day mom! It has a great capacity and there is no reason for you to have to leave anything at home while commuting anymore and it has so many pockets, slots, pouches and space that you can go fully loaded AND completely organized at the same time!

People are going to ask you where you got that bag and they're going to want one, too! You're going to adore the choices you make as the color is going to be the one you adore and in a mix you prefer and it is going to become an extension of you! 

I have already had so many compliments on this bag, which I was sent in exchange for this review, and I love to tell people about its uniqueness - something I wish that more companies would offer to truly get the best for each personality!

The colors I have chosen for my bag are: Turquoise Cordura Nylon™ for the front, a pink trim and a matching pink label. I love these colors and think each one makes the other pop but there are an infinite number of color combinations you can have and you can mix and match to your heart's content by taking a look HERE at your choices!

Overall I can fit everything I need in this large bag, and not feel too bulked down. The colors suit my taste and I do not have to compromise looks for capacity or vice-versa! OK the price might seem a little high at first but when you consider the time and effort that goes into getting these bags ready, the uniqueness and the well rounded quality overall then it is easy to see that the cost is jutified!

I  feel as though the bag offers something I just can't get anywhere else unless I want to pick a design that everyone else has or a boring brief case or side bag for organization. I am not disappointed with this bag, at all and I would definitely think they would make a great addition to your accessories or as a gift for somebody elses!

If you like what you see, here, and would like to find out more about Rickshaw Bagworks, the Commuter 2.1 bag and the other plethora of bags (some also customizable) offered then why not head on over to the website, Facebook OR Twitter pages and get acquainted and find something you can put to use and adore!

You can also ENTER TO WIN a Commuter 2.1 customizable bag of your very own, worth $180, by entering our competition at the Rafflecopter, below!

All you have to do is enter as many (or as few) entry methods as you like and check your emails after April 2nd to see if you've won! There will be ONE winner, picked at random and the prize will be fulfilled via gift card so that you may choose your bag's customizations online and have it ordered straight to your door!

You must be 18 or older to enter, live in the U.S.A and use a valid email to sign up so that we might contact you if you win! Your emails will not be used for anything other than this notification if you win.



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  1. I would customize it with black, pink and grey! Thanks for this giveaway! These bags look absolutely adorable.

  2. Exterior: Cordura Post-it Pink
    Binding: Cordura Fluorescent Pink
    Rickshaw Label: Fluorescent Pink

  3. I would customize -
    Exterior:X-Pac Grey
    Binding:Cordura Turquoise
    Rickshaw Label:Turquoise

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  4. I like the black exterior with grey binding and grey label.