Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Day at the Park

The temperature was supposed to be 56 degrees.  My husband was home as the day was Saturday.  We decided to make the most of our day and take the kids to the park!  The gusts of wind didn't stop us from putting hoodies on and get out to burn some energy!

We decided to go back to a park called Lingle Park.  This area has baseball fields, tennis courts, open grass areas, a fenced in dog park and of course playground equipment.  I say we decided to go back because we found this park before we were able to move our stuff into our home here in PA.  One year ago we arrived here to start the next step in our lives but someone decided to keep our items in St. Louis.  After staying in a hotel room for days with 2 children and 2 large dogs, my husband and I needed to get some fresh air and let the little loves run until their little legs couldn't take them anymore.  That stop back then was a welcomed day, and I knew the park would be wonderful to us again!

The park was indeed wonderful!  We had a lot of fun!  Check out some of our pictures....

Cooper and I spent a little extra time together at the park.  He amazes me every day!  This kid has no fear.  He would run up the stairs, run to the slide, throw himself down the slide, flop on the ground, get back up and do it again!  I think I counted 8 times that he fell down just from running so fast from one point to another!  His little legs weren't moving fast enough.  

A funny moment to share with all of you; All 4 of us were sitting on the 4 person teeter totter and Ally decided we were going to play a game.  She said the rules of the game were, "When I say stop you stop moving.  When I say go, you go."   Of course Mom and Dad were controlling the movement, so she needed to instruct when to stop and go!  After a few minutes of playing this game, Cooper decided he wanted in and said, "One, Two, One, GO!!"  The number three doesn't exist in his mind, so there we had it!  "One, Two, One, GO!!"

Spending the time at the park helped me learn something about myself too.  The last time we were at this park I sat back and let the kids play.  My husband was very hands on.  This time was different.  I know it was different because of the 65 pounds that I shed from my body in the last year.  I know it was different because I have energy and have taken my Hashimotos into my own hands.  I know it was different because the life my little family has breathed into me, I could not live without.  I need to be a part of these memories. Memories like this....


  1. That looks like fun! I want to go down a slide again and have the thrill a child has!! Ally looks so much like you! and Coop going down the slide sideways looks like a blast :)

  2. My favorite part of this story was when you said your life is different because you've taken your Hashimotos into your own hands and allowed your great little family to breathe life back into you. Makes me smile to read this! I'm so proud of you!

    1. My life has changed so much since my diagnosis. I learned the meaning for my life and how to fix it. I'm just sorry I didn't see it before.