Thursday, February 13, 2014

Having Fun in the Snow!

Since moving to Pennsylvania one year ago this week, the weather has not impressed me.  Sure, I am from Kansas..  We got a lot of snow.  That snow was always followed by a day that was about 50 degrees and melted all of the pretty white.  That is fine with me!  Well, apparently Pennsylvania doesn't agree.  I have had to shovel the drive and sidewalk multiple times this year.  I love the extra chance to burn the calories but when eventually you run out of room to put the snow, what do you do?  It certainly isn't fun anymore!

Today I had to shovel about a foot of snow.  Again, not an issue but where do I put it?  I made a mountain for the kids to play with!  Check out the pictures!

After shoveling so much, I needed to have a little fun too......

Moral of the story?  Have a little fun to offset all the white stuff!  The snow isn't so bad as long as you accept it and use it to your advantage!  Happy Snow Day, Everyone!!

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