Sunday, January 26, 2014

QiPillow Giveaway

Our Friends at Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz are bring you another great giveaway!  Good Luck!

Hosted By: Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz
Do you suffer from lower back pain? Ever since I got pregnant and had my daughters. I get these server back pains I think it is from the needle I had in my spine from the c-sections I had. I have tried every thing I could to ease this pain and I could not find anything. Well I was chatting with a good friend of mine and she was telling me all about her new favorite QiPillow! So I had to have me one, best pillow I have ever owned in my life! 
What is so special about the QiPillow? Well hidden behind the beautiful case is a air controlled orthopedic core. You can air it up to the size you would like and you can release the air if you apply to much. It is all so very simple with the easy air spout that you use to add/remove air from. 

The very first night I had this at home I put enough air in it for a little pressure and placed it under my back while I slept. I have never felt so good and refreshed. I use my QiPillow 24/7 now. It is sitting behind me in the chair now. And I feel like a million bucks! You can use in a house, car, office anywhere. I just let the air out and fold it like you would a towel and stick it in my purse. That easy!  I highly suggest anyone to try them out! You can pick between two colors the green and tan. They are also affordable costing less then $30! So head on over to their site and see what you think!
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And Now you can win one! 
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  1. I have back/neck/arm/shoulder pain everyday for the past 9 months after an accident. I have tried P/T, chiropractic and water therapy. The water therapy works the best for me. Living in a warmer climate would also alleviate some of my pain as well as purchasing a new mattress and pillows for my bed as the doctor suggested but do not have the funds right now to do so.