Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Friday (1/10/14)

Disclaimer:  This post is complete rambles from my crazy mind and I deeply apologize for the lack of structure.   Happy Fitness Friday! 

Happy Friday!  Today started with me shoveling snow, but it was a good way to burn some calories and follow the law, right?  I also weighed in and have great news to share!  The holidays did not get me for good.  They may have pulled me a little, my mind thinking it was okay to have a little bit of the junk that makes me sick here and there.   I have been able to refocus everything, no gluten, no dairy, and not very much sugar has been going in.

I started Focus T25 with a neighbor this week.  Since we started in the middle of the week, we will be doing week 1 all over again starting on Monday, but I am okay with that.  We'll just call this a warm up to the real thing!   I am not sure if I overestimated Shaun T or if I underestimated myself but I thought I wouldn't be able to move out of bed after the first workout, before I started.  All the hype about Shaun T kicking people right in the butt scared me so much.  As I will be doing my 3rd day tonight, I am only a little sore in my behind and abs.  OR maybe its a sign I am not pushing myself hard enough.  Ehh, enough of that self doubt.. Moving On!!!

The scale showed me a number of 217.5 this morning!  That marks 65.9 pounds lost!  I am feeling so great about this.  My 3rd goal to reach was 65 pounds lost.  I hit that right before Christmas, so of course like I  mentioned the holiday got me and I gained a little back.  I've been working so hard the last 11 days to get back over that goal and I did it!  My next goal will be to lost 75 total.  I am still unsure where I want to stop, we'll see where I feel comfortable, but for right now I don't think that will be any time soon.

When I reach 100 pounds lost, I think I should do something special for myself but I have no idea what.  I can't eat anything, so that's out of the question.  I also don't want to go out and buy clothes that won't fit me much longer after that 100 pound mark as I won't be done losing.   Oh, the possibilities........ Where are you?  I can't seem to think of anything too great to celebrate.

So, I'll leave you with this...  65 Pounds OFF my body to never return.  I think I look Fabulous!

What strides have you made so far this year in getting your life healthier?  You got this!  2014 is your year!

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