Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Picture Keeper Giveaway

Hosted by A Momless Mom

Sponsored by Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper- A Simple Solution for your Photo Backup Needs

  How would you feel if you lose your most treasured collection of photos that were safely stored away (or so you thought!) in your computer one fine day? Not great, right? In fact, you would feel terrible. Ask people who had to face this sad plight and they will tell you what it is like. They felt miserable and lost when this happened to them due to an unforeseen computer crash or a fire or any number of reasons on the face of earth. The end result is the same. You just got stripped out of your beloved memories and life's precious moments that were in the form of digital prints that you thought to be safe in your PC. There is only so much you can do to ensure the safety of your pictures. One of them is backing up your photos on your USB religiously. When you use USB, you have to make sure you know where your pictures are in the computer- meaning which folder, file and such. The work done this way is all manual and if you miss a certain file and there happened to be some pictures in that file that you cannot do without, those pictures could end up as history if your hard drive meets with an untimely demise . You also need to organize how you want the pictures to be (in whatever order) in the USB even though you had them all organized and ready to go in your PC. That is double work too! Here is where Picture Keeper becomes your best friend! It is an all in one USB device with an embedded software which makes it easier for you to find your pictures in your PC and to back them up! 
A Momless Mom got an opportunity to test out the PK 16 from Picture Keeper, a device that could store up to 16,000 pictures! Read her review to find out about the cool features of this amazing photo back up device! Picture Keeper is giving away one of their cool gadgets (PK4-holds up to 4000 pictures!) to one of our readers. 
So, enter now for your chance to win!This giveaway is open to US and Canada. Good Luck to all participants!
  Disclosure: Sweet Cheeks and Savings is not responsible for Sponsor Prize fulfillment. Please contact A Momless Mom if you have questions on this giveaway.

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