Friday, December 6, 2013

Fitness Friday (12/6)

Its Friday again and I've been thinking all day about what I want to talk about.  Nothing big happened this week.  I was able to run one morning, which was fabulous!  I've been doing our daily workouts that we post on More Sweat Less Wiggle.  I am happy to report that I have not gained anything this week.  Still the same, at 220 pounds.  I would like to report that the number has changed.. Of course anyone would... but that's just not whats happening.  My body has been doing the same thing for the last few months and apparently it is time to plateau.  I can deal with a plateau.... As long as it stays the same weight and not any more.

This week's challenges include a mix of squats, planks and arms.  The push-ups kill me.  Today I had to do 15 and I had to stop at 10 and rest for a moment.  Man, they are rough!  The squats make me feel great in my legs and plank makes me believe there are actually muscles under this belly...

As I said last week, I hope I can report good things to you next week......  We'll see!  Maybe I'll just be stuck at 220 for awhile.  With Christmas coming, I think that might be a-okay with me.

I found this picture and actually posted it on our page, but I love it so much so I want to share it here.

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  1. Push ups can be a pain, I could barely do ten when I started, now I do between 100-200 depending on the workout, so stick with it.